Tangerine Dream Performs at UCLA 2008

Tangerine Dream on stage in Royce Hall, UCLA in 2008

By Lorraine Kay

November 7, 2008 – Los Angeles, CA — Was it worth the wait? According to fans gathered at UCLA’s Royce Hall to attend Tangerine Dream’s first U.S. concert in nearly a decade and a half, on Friday, Nov. 7, 2008, the wait was more than worth it. In the words of Florida resident, Adele, “It was wonderful, absolutely wonderful.

So, after 40 years as the premiere electronic music band in the world, the band does not seems to be losing any momentum. Under the guidance of TD founder Edgar Froese, each incarnation of the band has sustained a place in hearts of its fan base. The Royce Hall audience was no different. Boasting fans who had traveled from all 4 corners of the country to attend the long awaited and rare concert filling 1,300 of the 1,600 seats in Royce Hall. Fans who traveled from Boston, Seattle and Florida met for a pre-concert party to talk about their shared experiences of many years of great music and past concert tours.  One fan, by the name of David, who already had a ticket for the UCLA concert, was unwilling to wait until the Friday night concert, hopped a plane to the UK for a concert just days before.

The band last performed in the United States in 1995 and looked forward to touring again in 2001. But just as they were preparing to leave on tour, the tragic events of 9/11 occurred. Although the band was willing to continue with their plans the families of some crewmembers begged the band to forego the tour out of fears echoed throughout the industry.

But in the words of fans in Los Angeles on Friday, the band made up for the long wait and the canceled 2001 tour. Pumping out nearly three hours of some of the bands best-loved songs, the band’s music thundered through the historical theatre.

With Froese at his post on keyboards, the wizard of EM, controlled the stage much like the wizard of the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain, but behind his stack of keyboards. Although known for his magic on keyboards and synthesizers, Froese reminded the fans twice during the night that he started out in rock and roll as a guitarist by treating the fans with a turn on guitar

Froese was joined on stage by a band of master musicians in their own right. Linda Spa, known for some of the sexiest sax solos in EM, rejoined the group on keys, and sax. Iris Camaa wowed the audience with her energetic and pounding performance on percussion and drums. Thorsten Quaeschning added his own energy to the mix with his talent on the keys, adding some movement from behind a double stack of keyboards as he stepped to the beat.. Finishing off the mix and adding a vibrant touch of color to the sound, Bernhard Beibl ripped on strat and tele, and added more dimension on 6 and 12 string acoustic guitars.

The nearly three-hour concert included two encores that by the end of the evening had much of the audience on their feet and hugging the stage, just wanting more. The show opened with Trauma and went on to offer Serpent Magique, No Man’s Land, Sally’s Garden, Hyperborea Part 2, Sphinx Lightning, Carmel, California,  Leviathan, Wisdom and Tragedy, The Blue Bridge, Fire on the Mountain, Leaving the Masters for God, Cinnamon Road 2008, Hunter Shot by a Yellow Rabbit, Scrap yard 2008, The Dream Is Always The Same , Betrayal, La Libération, and Going West. The band left he stage but returned for an encore of Unicorn Theme, Love on a Real Train 2008, Le Parc, and One Night in Space. But just when everyone thought the show was over, the band returned to the stage for one more encore featuring Beach Theme, and Cloudburst Flight, followed by a few closing words by Edgar.

Even after three hours, the gracious and giving Tangerine Dream did not stop there. In the words of Froese, “I am their servant”, the band treated the fans to an open meet and greet at the end of the concert.